The purpose of these projects is to keep me in shape. Some of them are inspired by my everyday life and the rest are commissioned by my friends. They're ongoing as they're evolving over time whenever new technology is introduced or I get struck with better ideas to make improvement.

Got it!

Welcome to my portfolio!

"It's All About Annie."

That's what my friends say when I want to show how awesome I am.

It's funny because my friends know that I'm not self-absorbed. How can I be self-absorbed if I want to share my web design gifts with you? That title is an inside joke and I think it is appropriately fitting because it's my portfolio!

So welcome! If you like to use my gifts, please ask away!

Theorem = What I Believe & Do

Design : Visual Communication

I love design: not making beautiful in a sense but making sense in a beautiful way. We like to be informed on anything we need to know. As a deliverer, how can you communicate effectively and engagingly? That's where the knowledge of Human Computer Interaction (sub-type: User Experience) comes in. There are many different ways as there are many different kinds of people. Website is a common medium now that we are easily connected to internet.

I combine my skills of web development and my knowledge of human computer interaction, and I deliver the efficient ways to communicate your business to your users.

Business : Comes with Consultation

Many designers and developers will show and tell you what works and what doesn't while they tailor to your unique needs. They know what is trendy now while they try their best to make a medium of their field functionally well. Even if there may be disagreement among the technological experts, design gurus, and social media scholars, they are constantly adapting as long as the technology are being innovated and societal norm are evolving. It is important to give them love and gratitude while they make the best things for you and your business.

I am one of them.

School Projects = Learning How

Basic Web Design

: HTML, CSS, Aesthetics Principles :

I was taught the basic elements of HTML & CSS and some core principles of web aesthetics.

:: Some examples ::

Server Side

: PHP :

Then I was taught how server side works by programming websites in PHP. Its general purpose led me to learn about dynamic content, User input/output, relational database management, effective architecture and "crunching" algorithm.

:: Some examples ::

Client Side

: JavaScript, SVG :

Afterward, I learned JavaScript which runs on the browser instead of the server. It allows more flexible and dynamic front-end interaction with the users and faster response. My number one go-to library is jQuery.

:: Some examples ::

Adobe Flash

: ActionScript 3.0, Premiere Pro :

Though majority of the web developers would say that Flash is dying because of HTML5 and Apple's refusal of using it, it is still widely used now such as video games, movie players, and animation.

:: Some examples ::

Database Integration

: SQL (mySQL & SQLite), XML, JSON, regular text, Python:

I learned a variety of database structures and scripts in a short period of time. When database is used right, we could get neat applications like Amazon's review ratings and checkout, and Google Reader.

:: Some examples ::

Human Computer Interaction

: Advanced Aesthetics Principles, User-Centered/User Experience :

Human Computer Interaction is my main field study. It is basically how to design a product in a way that the users can easily understand and use with little to no help from an instructional manual. It's many subjects in one!

:: Some examples ::

Ongoing Projects = Keeping Up

Application : Bock House

: HTML5, CSS2, jQuery :

Sometimes, it's hard to do weekly assigned chores. I try to make a web app for the Baroness of Bock so it can easily send out emails automatically when she assigns a chore to every dweller each week on a certain day. The progress is aministration & email set up.

Design : Paper Flower

: PHP, regular text, HTML4, CSS2 :

This was a fun project. When I was making paper bouquets for my friend, she wanted to know the progress while she was 3000 miles away. Then my creativity spurred and I made silly videos instead. The bouquets were a huge success! Eventually, I'll turn it into my business.

Application : Write Club Notebook

: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JSON :

I am currently in Write Club to improve my writing skills. I used a blog to keep my writings but then it didn't feel like a place for creative writing. The pile of papers look reflects how I keep my notes in real life. Now I am redesigning the whole site based on my glorious moustache notebook.

Application : Racquetball Club Challenge

: HTML4.1, CSS2, PHP, mySQL :

My friend has commissioned me to make a website because he loves racquetball. He saw a need and wanted me to fulfill it. Because we are transitioning to HTML5 due to popularity of smartphone, I have to re-write everything to meet today's quota. So the website is not working now as I am making changes to it.

Application : Praise Songbook

: HTML5, CSS3, Skeleton Plug-In :

It's like a hymnal book. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone so they can access to the songbook if they don't know the lyrics. I'm working on integrating a search function if the title or first line isn't sufficient. (Most of the time, we are more likely to remember parts of the lyrics and tunes than titles.)

Design : Write Club Blog

: Blogger HTML, CSS3, Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5 :

Everyone I know loves to use Blogger because Google owns it and they have Gmail account. I made template design for some blogs. I am grateful that Blogger offers flexibility on HTML and CSS customization so all I have to do is add a few to its existing template without breaking it. Below are my first and recent time tinkering with Blogger's template customization.

Goal : Fluid Interface Design on Mobile

: Learn more about HTML5 and CSS3 :

A good fluid design depends on full advantage of HTML5 and CSS3. Not so long ago, we began to transition from our regular use of desktops and laptops to mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, and tablets. In that direction, I have to learn the fundamental changes of HTML5 and CSS3 so I can make successful fluid designs in all range of browsers from desktop to mobile.

As you can see, my focus is mostly on front-end of the websites: user interface design. I want to make the interface to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

Work Experience = What I Did

Programming & Design

  • Educational Design Resources (2010-12): Various Drupal projects & video game testing
  • Women In Technology (2009-10): Web development and design
  • Kresage Hearing Research Institute (2008): Simulation programming
  • James Curley (2011-13): Web development and design
  • Andrew Welsh Photography (2013): HTML5 write-in and consultation

Applied Mathematics

  • NTID Learning Center (2008-09): Tutoring Deaf students from basic math to calculus
  • Kresage Hearing Research Institute (2008): Converting data into linear matrices for

Administration/Customer Service

  • RIT ITS Distributed Support Services (2006-11): Supervisory Lab Assistant
  • Educational Design Resources (2010-12): Library & Lab Assistant
  • Jerome M. Marks Agency (2012-13): File Clerk & renovation
  • Salvation Army & Goodwill Inc (2012): Cashier


  • NTID Sport Assistant (2005-06): Photographing Deaf athletes & games
  • Deaf Lion (2009): Writer
  • Community Services (2006-08): Volunteering Tutor for Refugee Youth

Contact = Want to Work with Me?


  • Email:
  • Phone: 585-645-2660
  • Local: Rochester, NY

Career Goal

I love design: not making beautiful in a sense but making sense in a beautiful way. So my career goal is to be the design consultant to any product whether it is a website, a software, a device, or a simple thing that we wouldn't normally think about. This kind of career requires some extensive researches so I might go into Ph.D program of Human Computer Interaction. You could say the title could be "User Experience" expert. But if I am happy with providing tech support, web development services, or mathematics tutoring then I can study it on the side.


Would you like to get to know me a little bit more? How about I tell you about my hobbies?
Craft: origami flowers. Games: Race For The Galaxy, Carcassonne, Android Netrunner. Music: folk, soul, blues, KT Tunstall, indie songs in any genre. History: significant cultural changes like Renaissance and Industrial Era. Thinking: patterns and philosophy. Digital: posters.